..which is the 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, where the Kawayan Festival is celebrated...It is one pf the most awaited events of the town Alegria.The Kawayan Festival is celebrated every month of December. "Kawayan" is the vernacular term for bamboo and is the major source of livelihood in Alegria aside from fishing and farming. Early in December 3 last year, 2009, local contigents parade the streets in mardi gras-like style and locally produced bamboo products are on display. The competitors came from different Department which includes my St. Peter Academy where I graduated(High School). The street dancing competition is based on the kawayan costume and how the competitors carried their beautiful costume designed by the creative designers came from different towns. The said Festival is in honor of St. Francis Xavier.


The name Alegria came about when Spanish soldiers who happened to witness a festive gathering around the spring had exclaimed, " Que Alegre !" That's why every presentation of the competitors they shouted "Que Alegre!!! Alegria!!"... Que Alegre means JOYFUL...!


Why is it called Kawayan Festival "BAMBOO"?

Alegria is one of the towns that promptly answered the call of Gov. Gwen Garcia to come up with an appropriate festival. Local officials led by Mayor Raul Guisadio created the Kawayan Festival to further promote the town to the interested visitors.


The festival was launched last December 2, 2006 as the highlight of the town’s fiesta celebration in honor of its patron, St. Francis Xavier. Since then, Kawayan Festival has become one of the most anticipated activities of the year.


The festival is only befitting to the tribute of bamboo, “kawayan” in vernacular, which abounds in the municipality. Bamboos are source of income for Alegrianons because it has been utilized in number of ways like furniture-making such as beds, sala sets and chairs, home decors, accessories and even used to cook rice used its cut-off branch.


With lively beat, striking costumes and signature bamboo dance, the festival portrays the culture, lifestyle and livelihood of the townsfolk. It is celebrated with a parade and display of different locally-made bamboo products.



St. Francis Xavier Church

The church, located just beside the town hall is said to be one of the oldest in Cebu. It was built in 1857 and was dedicated to the town’s patron saint, St. Francis Xavier. Many believed that gold is buried in the church grounds because the town was the last garrison during the Japanese occupation in the country.



Kawayan Festival - The Municipality of Alegria, Cebu launched the Kawayan Festival last December 2, 2006 in time for the Annual Town Fiesta. Local contingents paraded the streets (mardi gras), and locally produced Kawayan (local bamboo) products were on display. Kawayan Festival has been part of the fiesta celebration in honor of Saint Francis Xavier since then.